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Improve The Times On Your Distance Running Benchmarks

Do you continuously run 1 mile a day, or 2 miles a day, or 3 miles a day and continue to get right around the same time? Check out this simple 4 step process to improve your times on your distance running benchmarks. For the sake of this article, we are going to talk about improving your 1 mile run time as our example:

4 Easy Steps To Improve Your 1 Mile Time:

  1. Run longer runs that are longer than 1 mile with no rest to build your capacity (this can be at a slower pace than your 1 mile pace).

  2. Run shorter intervals at faster speeds than your 1 mile pace with rest in between your sets (example: 8 x 400m @ faster than 1 mi pace for 2:00 rest between efforts)


  4. Re-test your 1 mile time every so often to see how you have improved! can be that easy! The best advice we can give is intermixing steps 1 and 2 throughout your training, always hitting step 3 and then re-testing your mile time every 4-6 weeks to see how you have improved!

Keep Earning That Rest,

Neil Shaffer

FutbolerFit HQ

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